Rabu, 02 Maret 2016

[Repost] Key Points of Research Process

"The key points of research process are detailed planning, bold execution and logical consideration. These are important for not only research but also other works. 
Another important thing is to get the self-confidence that you completed the research process. In Japanese universities, there are few chances that students experience heavy intellectual or physical loads, if they do not perform research work satisfactorily. The students who did not study hard cannot stand the load of competitive works after graduation. I wish students to acquire both physical and intellectual strength."

-Tanaka Sensei, via Blog Salman, teman SUPER saya yang sudah hampir wisuda S1 di Tohoku University, yang sudah punya paper publish international

nemu ginian di tengah ngerjain proposal (yang so lama banget udah sebulan kok nggak kelar-kelar itu rasanyaa... :"""))


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