Senin, 16 September 2013

Computer Science : Punah itu Tidak Selamanya

"Computer science, like many fields, is largely technology driven. The reason the ancient Romans lacked cars is not that they liked walking so much. It is because they did not know how to build cars. Personal computers exist not because millions of people had some long pent-up desire to own a computer, but because it is now possible to manufacture them cheaply. We often forget how much technology affects our view of systems and it is worth reflecting on this point from time to time.

In particular, it frequently happens that a change in technology renders some idea obsolete and it quickly vanishes. However, another change in technology could revive it again. This is especially true when the change has to do with the relative performance of different parts of the system. For example, when CPUs became much faster than memories, caches became important to speed up the “slow” memory. If new memory technology some day makes memories much faster than CPUs, caches will vanish. And if a new CPU technology makes them faster than memories again, caches will reappear. In biology, extinction is forever, but in computer science, it is sometimes only for a few years.

However, changes in the technology may bring back some of the so-called “obsolete concepts.” For this reason, it is important to understand why a concept is obsolete and what changes in the environment might bring it back again.

....The list goes on, but these examples should make the point: an idea that is obsolete today may be the star of the party tomorrow. "

page 77-78/1141-ebook Modern Operating Systems, Second Edition, by Andrew S. Tanenbaum

[edisi hari ini presentasi dan masih berjuang memahami materi; terus tadi nemu kutipan yang menurut saya cukup menarik-walaupun itu nggak dibahas di presentasi ini T^T. Di Computer Science, kepunahan itu tidak berlaku selamanya ! Mohon doa supaya paham ya teman-teman, supaya sukses juga presentasi SO-nya. Aamiin]

btw, obsolete-yang sering disebut-sebut di atas itu artinya kuno

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